The Columbus Dispatch indicates that John Boccieri’s latest statement indicates that he is considering supporting health care reform in the final form, despite voting against the House version last year.

?After reviewing the president?s health care proposal and watching portions of his bipartisan health care summit, I?m encouraged the proposal contains important provisions to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse and reduce the deficit,” Boccieri said. “I am hopeful that going forward from last week?s summit with bipartisan ideas, we can finally move toward providing affordable, quality coverage for everyone.?

I think after Boccieri came back to the district, he encountered the Democratic activists who helped get him elected and that they were not going to there for him come November if he continued to vote against health care and the Republicans were going to come after him no matter what he did anyways.

So why not do the thing that will at least get you some allies?

I wish the blogs could take credit for this conversion, but it was totally the Democratic activists in Boccieri’s district that put the pressure on him.

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