Only at the Independent.

Such a bill introduced in the Cuyahoga County Council will draw this same opposition from corporate interests, and then some. Without doubt, the very people who bankrolled Issue 6 to create this council for the specific purpose of economic development, will challenge this council?s jurisdiction to legislate on what is an economic development issue at its core, jurisdiction they themselves created, even wrote into the charter with their own Mont Blanc pens.

No doubt, we will be greeted with the deliciously perverse irony of Dan Gilbert, himself an ex-offender, clutching his voter-installed, constitutionally-enshrined, government created ?right? to a free enterprise in which the house never loses. Gilbert will likely insist that ?right? includes this punitive question on job applications for his new casino, a casino in which ex-offender Gilbert himself would never be allowed to work if he checked that box, and would be fired from on the spot if his boss learned that he failed to check that box.

This mutant logic arrayed against hope will all come down to one thing ? money.

It’s on.