From the Granville Sentinel:

A hot button statewide issue could determine whether Granville Township will have turn to local taxpayers to bolster its general fund, township officials say.

The repeal or paring down of the inheritance tax — proposed by a candidate for governor and a state legislator, respectively –coming on the heels of falling state and local revenues, would necessitate a request for a local operating tax levy, said Fred Abraham, chair of the township trustees.

The inheritance tax is one of several state and local sources of revenue for the general fund. But in this year’s general fund budget, it is by far the largest local source, projected to supply $140,000. With a bill pending in the Ohio House of Representatives to pare it down and allow for local repeal and with gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s stand in favor of its repeal, the chances of the tax remaining as a source of Township revenue are fading, Abraham said.

If the inheritance tax is repealed, the township budget will be in a deficit situation in 2012, according to a five-year budget forecast drawn up by Township Fiscal Officer Norm Kennedy. That would necessitate the need for an operating levy, Abraham said.

If the inheritance remains in place, he said, “we will be in somewhat good shape still for some time.”

Kasich’s tax plan will turn this fiscally sound township government and create deficit that will require a massive property tax increase to avoid.

Kasich’s not repealing the tax burden, he’s just going to shift it around with higher local property and sales taxes.?

The only way he can avoid that is to replace the lost revenues to local governments by replacing that lost revenue with appropriations from the general revenue.? Which, itself, is going to be decimated by his plan to repeal the income tax over time.

Anyone who honestly thinks that the State of Ohio will not, on some level, supplement the local governments for the lost revenue caused by an estate tax repeal is DELUSIONAL.? His two tax plans combine create?a one-two punch that?makes the math impossible to figure out how he’s going to do it “responsibly…”? And how impossible does that make the math?

According to the Columbus Business First newspaper, Kasich defined it as:

“Kasich said he and his team hope to have about 70 percent of their state government reform agenda figured out by November.”

So, John Kasich admits that it’s not that he’s not ready to release details on his plan, IT’S THAT HE AND HIS CAMPAIGN HAVE?YET TO FIGURE OUT THEMSELVES!!!

Even, worse, Kasich-Taylor hopes, hopes, HOPES, that they may have it 70% figured out come the general election.


When I was in school, a 70% answer was a C-.

And Kasich-Taylor are crossing their fingers, with their eyes shut tight in the hopes that the teacher (media) doesn’t call on them to answer any questions yet, so that they can rush home and cram all night and maybe get that C- on the big test tomorrow?!?? That’s what they’re hoping to offer?? (No wonder Kasich has been refusing to do any interviews outside of conservative-friendly media.)

Higher property taxes, massive cuts in law enforcement, colleges, and schools, and a goal to hope to have a C- answer on how you’ll pay for something you’ve been talking about for FOUR YEARS; that’s Kasich’s “New Day” of fiscal irresponsibility?

Maybe Kasich-Taylor’s elections slogan should instead be– “Kasich-Taylor: The Audacity of Nope.”

Leave to John Kasich to reform the Ohio Republican Party to adopt the fine traditions of the old “Know Nothing Party.”

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