This was necessary to jump on. Modern’s post earlier missed the real story here, maybe. I would have led with 70% and followed up with local taxes. So let me do just that.

I just got off the phone with Jeff Bell (nice guy) who wrote the article for Columbus Business First where Kasich is quoted as saying he and his team hope to have 70% of his government reform agenda figured out by November. You know. That month on the second day of which we’ll re-elect a governor or elect someone who has 70% of his plan figured out.

I wanted to be sure John Kasich actually said this out loud. It sounded like one of those inside words that accidentally popped out. Jeff confirmed to me that indeed John Kasich said this. Out loud. Let’s review:

Kasich said he and his team hope to have about 70 percent of their state government reform agenda figured out by November.

This is either the most brilliant piece of under-promising so as to over-deliver or it’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard a politician say this cycle. Seriously? You hope to unseat a Governor who has in your mind fucked the state up beyond all repair…buuuut…you only hope to be 70% sure of how to fix it if – and even when – you get elected?

Has anyone ever offered up a 70% plan? Much less a “Soon to be disclosed (we hope by the election) 70% plan”?

This guy is a piece of work! I bet they’re banking on nobody paying attention. Yeah, that must be it. Meantime we frame the debate that Kasich and his staff don’t expect to even have a complete plan until just before the election.

My guess is somewhere in an apartment in Virginia Jon Keeling (aka MC Tablescraps), carpetblogger extraordinaire is banging away working on getting to 50%! Go Jon go! Maybe he can make himself one of these:

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