Earlier today, the Ohio Democratic Party shrewed called on self-declared “Tea Party” Republican John Kasich to declare who he supported in the GOP primary for State Auditor: 1) ORP hand-picked candidate Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost, or 2) Tea Party favorite freshman Ohio House Rep. Seth Morgan.

After all, Kasich created the primary by selecting State Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s spokeman claimed, “Kasich ?hasn?t endorsed candidates in the primaries,? Rob Nichols, Kasich?s spokesman, said in an e-mail.

Um, liar?

First, there was this anti-endorsement in the GOP gubernatorial primary in 2006:

Kasich has told political allies he won?t run against Petro or Montgomery, whom he considers friends. He would, however, take on Blackwell, whose fiscal proposals Kasich views as irresponsible, sources said.

[Source: Columbus Dispatch, (Jul. 15, 2005)]

That was almost a year before the primary was held.

Then there’s this famous picture:

Again, that was July 13, 1999, some six months before the first caucus or primary in the 2000 GOP Presidential contest.? John Kasich would rather be remembered for endorsing his “soul brother” George W. Bush, than actually stand with the Tea Party on their candidate for choice.

Rob Nichols told a bold-face lie.

Kasich has a history of getting involved in contested GOP primaries.? Hell, he’s weighed in on primaries before most people even knew there was a contested primary.

John Kasich just doesn’t want to say anything further after pissing the Tea Party folks after he admitted that as Governor, of course, he’d take all the stimulus money he could get for the State.

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