Yesterday John Kasich had an opinion piece published in the Plain Dealer. As expected, it?s full of lots of statistics ? specifically statistics related to areas in which Ohio is not performing well ? but not any actual answers or real solutions.

He opens the piece by quoting a bunch of statistics related to Ohio?s education system from a recent Brookings Institute report.

He muddles around with some stuff that Strickland is already working on and then he eventually gets to this gem, which appears to be the foundation of his education plan: “If we believe that the core mission of education is to teach children, then let’s reflect that in how and where we spend our education money.”

Wow! We should reflect our priorities in how we spend education money? That’s your fucking solution?

I’m guessing your solution to our infrastructure problems is to determine how and where we spend our transportation money by reflecting on our belief that the core mission of roads is to support car and truck traffic?

Jesus Christ, man, you’ve had days to write this article and plenty of staff to help. These are your best ideas? No wonder you won’t take questions from the press.

Here’s the thing, John. I read that report as well. And there are some glaringly obvious parts you left out. Specifically the way THEY suggest we solve the problem.

The Brookings Institute offers some very specific solutions to help fix our education system that don’t involve reflecting on our core beliefs. Most importantly they suggest that we cut the number of Ohio?s school districts by at least one-third..

So how about taking a stand on something, John? How about actually presenting a real answer to a question?

Do you or don’t you support eliminating one-third of Ohio’s school districts?