From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This whole, running for office thing?? Totally a blast.? Now, on to the potential problem.

The Cavs.

My election is on September 7, which means this summer will be the main campaign period.? This summer, the Cavs, simultaneously, throughout the months of May and June, will be heading toward the first championship any Cleveland sports franchise has seen in my lifetime. I will be watching every single second.? Non.? Negotiable.

So to all the folks looking at their schedules for events, spaghetti dinners, bingo games, ward club meetings, candidate nights, you name it….I’m begging you.


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Yesterday John Kasich had an opinion piece published in the Plain Dealer. As expected, it?s full of lots of statistics ? specifically statistics related to areas in which Ohio is not performing well ? but not any actual answers or real solutions.

He opens the piece by quoting a bunch of statistics related to Ohio?s education system from a recent Brookings Institute report.

He muddles around with some stuff that Strickland is already working on and then he eventually gets to this gem, which appears to be the foundation of his education plan: “If we believe […]

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My first campaign promise

On March 3, 2010 By

Only at the Independent.

Such a bill introduced in the Cuyahoga County Council will draw this same opposition from corporate interests, and then some. Without doubt, the very people who bankrolled Issue 6 to create this council for the specific purpose of economic development, will challenge this council?s jurisdiction to legislate on what is an economic development issue at its core, jurisdiction they themselves created, even wrote into the charter with their own Mont Blanc pens.

No doubt, we will be greeted with the deliciously perverse irony of Dan Gilbert, himself an ex-offender, clutching his voter-installed, constitutionally-enshrined, government created […]

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This was necessary to jump on. Modern’s post earlier missed the real story here, maybe. I would have led with 70% and followed up with local taxes. So let me do just that.

I just got off the phone with Jeff Bell (nice guy) who wrote the article for Columbus Business First where Kasich is quoted as saying he and his team hope to have 70% of his government reform agenda figured out by November. You know. That month on the second day of which we’ll re-elect a governor or elect someone who has 70% of […]

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Earlier today, the Ohio Democratic Party shrewed called on self-declared “Tea Party” Republican John Kasich to declare who he supported in the GOP primary for State Auditor: 1) ORP hand-picked candidate Delaware County Prosecutor David Yost, or 2) Tea Party favorite freshman Ohio House Rep. Seth Morgan.

After all, Kasich created the primary by selecting State Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Kasich’s spokeman claimed, “Kasich ?hasn?t endorsed candidates in the primaries,? Rob Nichols, Kasich?s spokesman, said in an e-mail.

Um, liar?

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From the Granville Sentinel:

A hot button statewide issue could determine whether Granville Township will have turn to local taxpayers to bolster its general fund, township officials say.

The repeal or paring down of the inheritance tax — proposed by a candidate for governor and a state legislator, respectively –coming on the heels of falling state and local revenues, would necessitate a request for a local operating tax levy, said Fred Abraham, chair of the township trustees.

The inheritance tax is one of several state and local sources of revenue for the general fund. But in this […]

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Yesterday’s dog and pony show in front of the previously private “public engagement” committee is a sad farce.? It used to stun me, how corrupt and enmeshed in conflicts of interest government in Cleveland has become, but now, it’s just a vaudevillian comedy act.

The transition process, for some reason, requires a massive consulting contract in order to communicate.? I have no idea why.? They didn’t want to be public in the first place, why the hell would you need a consultant?? Members of Congress have one press secretary, sometimes two.? Why this “transition” needs more is beyond my comprehension.


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