I’ve been thinking this for a while, having conversations about it, but what got me to blog it?? Listening today to Morning Joe’s circle of clamorous glitterati repeat every single thing the GOP wants them to repeat.? Karl Rove must have jizzed his pants if he was watching – There’s not just a conservative resurgence, not just an anti-big government insurgence, but as Joe Scarborough just said, an “anti-Obama feeling that will be with us for a very long time!”

When this crowd of money chasing, narrative parroting, celebrity gossiping ratings obsessed navel gazers are talking like some giant hatred of Barack Obama is their next gravy train, the shit’s played out, bitches.

The electorate is just about done with their teabagging one night stand.? Guilty pleasures have a funny way of losing staying power.? Again, see Ross Perot.? Eric comments that even he voted for Perot – hell, I was intrigued by the guy for a hot minute in early 1992, until it became clear Perot was bat shit crazy, his proposals were little more than talking point catnip, and the vast majority of his supporters were early stage, pre-evolutionary teabaggers in utero.? When that bubble burst, it burst pretty quickly.

The Republican bubble is ripe for that pin prick.? Just watch living hypocritical self-contradictory suckling of the government teat, Homeland Security consultant Jon Keeling, who is so obsessed with getting John Kasich to hire him again to another taxpayer funded existence, that he’s written post after post in total freak out mode over one poll showing Kasich fading like the memory of a bad night of embarrassing teabagging.

Republicans know they’ve made yet one more deal with yet one more devil via their full lipped, slurpy teabagging.? They know this is fleeting.? They know how fickle is this meager, generously estimated at 20%, loud and freakishly crazed minority.? Hence the acceleration of their lips on the teabag.? Do it faster, harder, yeah, that’s it, faster faster.? But soon, they will beg it to slow down….they know that if they climax too soon, the rest of the night is basically over.? Cue the walk of shame.

Well, they’ve climaxed.? Yeah, Dems will lose some seats this fall.? But like all schizophrenic weirdos, the teabaggers will move on to the next thing that outrages them once they realize they’ve been used, again.? And Republicans will be left to clean up a sticky, frothy mess of Santorum, who happens to be running for president.


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