Thank you Jim Bunning.

Thank you for being the Senator who every Senator knows is two bricks shy of a load, off your rocker to the point that your majority leader forced you out of the Senate this term.? Thank you for getting your colleague’s support, to the point that Jon Kyl claims unemployed benefits make people lazy, to the point of standing behind your filibuster for days, despite knowing how bat shit cray you are, all to prove their ideology on the backs of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Those hundreds of thousands of Americans will now spend weeks fighting paperwork to get unemployment benefits that you, Jim Bunning, halted, unpaid Medicaid claims that you, Jim Bunning, convinced your Republican colleagues to support, every one of whom possess full knowledge of your bat shitness.? Because your Republican Senate colleagues were so desperate to win an election, those hundreds of thousands will fight bills that go overdue, check bouncing fees, car payments, defaulting on their mortage, running out of medication, FOR MONTHS.

In an election year.

All because your Republican Senate colleagues, Jim Bunning, who are 100% convinced that YOU are the crazy one, wanted to serve their ideology to win that election.

Thank you for helping.

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