From the daily archives: Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thank you Jim Bunning.

Thank you for being the Senator who every Senator knows is two bricks shy of a load, off your rocker to the point that your majority leader forced you out of the Senate this term.? Thank you for getting your colleague’s support, to the point that Jon Kyl claims unemployed benefits make people lazy, to the point of standing behind your filibuster for days, despite knowing how bat shit cray you are, all to prove their ideology on the backs of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Those hundreds of thousands of Americans will now spend weeks […]

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John Boehner makes it perfectly clear that no matter how many GOP ideas the White House incorporates, the Republicans are interested in seeing it defeated in ANY form, even as he admits that most Republicans agrees with most of the bill (and yet, he didn’t mentioned what these points were as a starting point in the recent health care summit.  I know, Boehner, disingenuous?  I’m stunned, too!)

From the Hamilton Pulse-Journal:

If the American people stay engaged in this fight, I don?t think (current health care reform) is going to happen,? the House Minority Leader and West Chester […]

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So now we?re giving political asylum to German evangelical Christians who want to home school their kids?

What the fuck?

According to the wackjobs at WND the Romeikes and their 5 kids deserve asylum “because of the propaganda included in modern German textbooks that violates the family’s religious beliefs. This includes explicit lessons on sex, the promotion of the occult and witchcraft and an effort to teach children to disrespect authority figures.”

Those must be some school books! I?m assuming the cover of the 3rd grade math book must have a picture of unicorn fucking a witch who […]

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Sometime, parody and fact is hard to distinguish.  Absent the MoveOn.Org disclaimer at the end, and I’d almost think this could be an actual Boehner campaign ad.

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I’ve been thinking this for a while, having conversations about it, but what got me to blog it?? Listening today to Morning Joe’s circle of clamorous glitterati repeat every single thing the GOP wants them to repeat.? Karl Rove must have jizzed his pants if he was watching – There’s not just a conservative resurgence, not just an anti-big government insurgence, but as Joe Scarborough just said, an “anti-Obama feeling that will be with us for a very long time!”

When this crowd of money chasing, narrative parroting, celebrity gossiping ratings obsessed navel gazers are talking like some giant hatred […]

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