The first TV story of my county council race aired this evening on Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, WKYC, Channel 3, and I really must compliment Tom Meyer on what turned out to be as fair a story as I can expect out of this crappy situation.? It’s bad, but yeah, this whole thing does really suck, so who cares.? The back story on this interview is a bit more complicated, but for now, I’ll just leave it there.? For now.

I will, however, note the following – Tom Meyer does not have an “exclusive”.? Nothing in this story is news, except for the new information I did not know about my opponents’ own various criminal records (LOL).? The “news” about me happened long, long ago.? I’ve written about it at great length at my own blog.? Want to know more?? Go and read it. I did not have to say to Tom Meyer’s camera what I did almost 9 years ago, but for some reason, they really wanted me to say it to their camera.? That was bush league, WKYC knows it.

Bottom line, I can’t, and I won’t run from these stories.? I don’t care how many tools from Bill Mason’s office (who may or may not actually be on a witness list for the Justice Department – who knows!) want to go on TV and call me names.? Help yourselves.? Be my guest.

Someday, some media outlet is going to figure out that the story happening now, not 9 years ago, is a much bigger, much better, very good Cleveland story, in a city just begging for them.? I am running for, and likely to be elected to, public office, in spite of my mistakes.? That’s a story, and the first reporter, or producer, or filmmaker to cover that story, instead of 9-year old news, will win a Pulitzer, a Peabody, or whatever award they want to apply for.?? It’s sitting there waiting for you, guys.

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