Matt Naugle, ready to mock any hint of recognition by his perceived political enemies, now attacks an Ohio patriot to score schoolyard taunts with U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

Senator Brown received an award by the Ohio National Guard, you know, those men and women who weren’t able to solely fight terrorism as a member of the Fighting 101st Keyboardist Brigade like Naugle.  It recognizes Brown as a legislative leader for “consistent support of the Ohio National Guard.” Specifically, Sen. Brown was awarded the award for his “effort to ensure that the Ohio National Guard has superior equipment and facilities for training and that all Guards members have increased benefits and improved health care.”

You know, supporting the troops AFTER they come home.  Real dick joke material.

The award is named after Maj. Gen. Charles Dick, of Ohio who served in the United States Congress and U.S. Senate.  In 1903, he authorized the federal legislation that transformed the National Guard system into the national entity we know it as today.

Before his service in Congress, he served in the Eighth Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

The National Guard Association of the United States also has the Charles Dick Medal of Merit.

He was also a former Secretary of the Republican National Committee.

That’s right, Matt Naugle just mocked a veteran, the Ohio National Guard, and a significant Ohio Republican figure to make a dick joke about Sherrod Brown receiving an award from our National Guard.

So, now we know who should get the Major Dick Award.