From the daily archives: Monday, March 1, 2010

The first TV story of my county council race aired this evening on Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, WKYC, Channel 3, and I really must compliment Tom Meyer on what turned out to be as fair a story as I can expect out of this crappy situation.? It’s bad, but yeah, this whole thing does really suck, so who cares.? The back story on this interview is a bit more complicated, but for now, I’ll just leave it there.? For now.

I will, however, note the following – Tom Meyer does not have an “exclusive”.? Nothing in this story is news, […]

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Matt Naugle, ready to mock any hint of recognition by his perceived political enemies, now attacks an Ohio patriot to score schoolyard taunts with U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.

Senator Brown received an award by the Ohio National Guard, you know, those men and women who weren’t able to solely fight terrorism as a member of the Fighting 101st Keyboardist Brigade like Naugle.  It recognizes Brown as a legislative leader for “consistent support of the Ohio National Guard.” Specifically, Sen. Brown was awarded the award for his “effort to ensure that the Ohio National Guard has superior equipment and […]

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I’m old enough to have been paid staff on both the 1992 and 1996 Clinton Gore campaigns in Ohio, and remember Ross Perot well.? As teabaggers are now the flavor du jour, I thought it might be time to step into the ol’ time machine.

Teabaggers are the same people as Ross Perot voters.? Exact.? Same.? People.

They poll well in exactly the same places Ross Perot polled well, at almost precisely the same levels Ross Perot polled at his height.? If you’ll recall, there was even a point in the summer of 1992 when Ross Perot led the three […]

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Jon Keeling goes to the well again, but still refuses to acknowledge that he lied when he suggested that a) Nate Silver agreed Strickland was toast, and b) most professional pollsters are saying that the Quinny poll is actually great news for Kasich.

Heck, Tom Blumer noted that Keeling’s dropped the “great news for Kasich” spin in his latest reincarnation.

This time, Keeling has the nerve to suggest that Nate Silver is being dishonest:

Silver, who is unabashedly liberal, is being a bit dishonest with the numbers by isolating the single Quinnipiac poll in his analysis […]

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In case you haven’t been following the drama, has been actively fighting a plan by Governor Strickland to use race track slots to help fill a hole in the state budget.

The group has been using the courts to block the plan and delay its possible implementation until after the gubernatorial election in November.

The group was formed by former-Ken Blackwell staffers Carlo Loparo, Gene Piece and Norm Cummings and has received millions in funding from a shady DC-based group named New Models, which is also run by another former-Blackwell staffer named Tim Crawford.

Recently Secretary of […]

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It turns out some legislators actually do have a sense of humor.

Anthony Weiner, for example, took this shot at John Boehner during Thursday’s health care summit where John’s obnoxious and rude behavior during the event made him look even more orange than normal:

?I think Leader Boehner is particuarlly [sic] livid about the tanning bed tax. Surprised he hasn?t mentioned it.?

I guess when you find yourself with a family name that sounds like a male reproductive organ you can respond by developing a sense of humor like Anthony Weiner. Or you can respond like John Boehner: change […]

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