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U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) pointed out that any plan to “repeal” health care reform is futile while President Obama is President… because, you know, you’d need 67 votes in the Senate to overcome his likely veto.

So the only guy that has kept Mark Sanford as Governor of South Carolina, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer has the new plan: CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!

Yes, because a three-fourths vote of the States will be sooo much easier.

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Donate to my campaign, get a painting.

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So, apparently, the Ohio GOP?is going full force to specifically support Jon Husted and David Yost, despite the fact that they face Tea Party favored candidates (Sandra O’Brien and freshman State Rep. Seth Morgan, respectfully.)

What’s funny about this mailer is that “most conservative state budget in more than 40 years?”? Yeah… that was Governor Strickland’s first budget.? Does this mean the ORP endorses Ted Strickland?? Nope, Kasich’s on the other side.? Partisan politics is SOOOO confusing.

In other news, somehow I got on the ORP’s mailing list. (Which is probably being corrected in 3… 2…. 1….)

We […]

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I just received a press release from the Ohio Department of Taxation which stated that the U.S. Census has found that Ohio is not, in fact, a high state tax state at all.

According to the U.S. Census, Ohio ranks 35th in paying state taxes per capita.? Only “15 other states collect less in taxes per person than Ohio.”? The Census also found that Ohio ranks 33rd in the nation in average percentage of income to State income taxes; only 17 other States collect less of a percentage in income than Ohio.

From the press release:

These new […]

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Pt. I😕 You’d think there’d be drugs involve in a drug raid… Pt. II: Trooper lied; the Dispatch denies

One of the supporting characters in the trumped up farce being called “Troopergate” is former Highway Patrol Superintendent/Col. Richard Collins.? Collins is part of the retired Superintendent’s forming “Trooper to Trooper” who are alleging that that Ohio Department of Public Safety is wrongfully trying to assert influence over Patrol matters.? He is an advocate that the Patrol be able to act independently of the Ohio Department of Public Safety even though it legally is not […]

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The College Republican National Committee is looking for operatives to be part of their “campaign to show the country the strength of young conservatives”. Their website claims that “as an operative, you will have the opportunity to be a part of special deployment operations year-round to take out Democrats from coast-to-coast.”

And what is the name of this super-special operational unit you will be working for?

OAF (Operation Advancing Freedom).

Oaf : Noun
1 : a stupid person : boob
2 : a big clumsy slow-witted person


Might I suggest some names for future projects?


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I have a rule I follow when I hear a Republican utter anything.? Simply assume the opposite to be true, and you’re in business.? After decades of descending into a fantastical miasma of fictional myth, the presumption must always be that a Republican utterance is in direct opposition to all fact.

For example, let’s take the Republican claim that they support Israel – no wait – the claim that Republicans support Israel MORE THAN ANYBODY.? Make the assumption that this is false, and you immediately leave the fantasy land of Republicanism, well on your way to the world the rest […]

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21 State Senators send Attorney General a laughable letter demanding he file suit in Florida (again, why Florida and not Ohio?) challenging the “constitutionality” of health care reform.  AG Richard Cordray has already politely told them “no” as such a case would be a waste of taxpayer resources as their claims have no legal merits.

This is a new take on federalism.  The idea that States act as “defenders” of individual liberty against federal encroachment.  In reality all federalism has ever meant is a fight over which government, state or federal, had the right to regulate a specific […]

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“It’s a metaphor Jon! It’s a clear metaphor for grassroots voter registration efforts in vulnerable districts. Skull fucking. It’s a common term.”


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What Ohio Daily Blog reports as unsourced rumor, we can report as fact.

On Sunday, the Cincy Enquirer reported concerns in the Ohio GOP that ’06 State Treasurer Candidate Sandra O’Brien might doing it again and knock off party favorite, former Speaker/former Kettering resident Jon Husted:

Republicans are concerned that the primaries will force candidates to spend money that could otherwise be saved for the general election in the fall, or that the results could cost them the election in close races.

O’Brien of Ashtabula County in Northeast Ohio has two of the Ohio Republican […]

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I voted today…

On March 30, 2010 By

Just a friendly reminder that today is the first day for Early Voting in the May Primary Election.

I took advantage of it by casting my Democratic Primary ballot this morning.  (Psst!  JBru, I totally voted for you.  Don’t tell Lee…)

Early voting is going to be an integral part of any campaign’s GOTV, because it allows them to harvest the low-hanging fruit of the already decided and dedicated voters so that they can focus more in the final weeks of the persuadable.

Lee Fisher just sent out an end-of-quarter fundraising pitch from former President Bill Clinton.  Not […]

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