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Here’s the press release.

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Joe C’s Money in Serious Jeopardy

On February 25, 2010 By

Ruh roh. Looks like ACORN may be getting $100 from my wingnut friend Joe C. We made a wager (I don’t forget these things – someone still owes me a bottle of bourbon from the 2008 Presidential…cough…Keeler…cough). The wager came after I made fun of those on the right getting lathered up by an article taking comments out of context to indicate (they thought) that Obama was leaving open the option of not running for re-election.

Joe C was very sure of it and even put $100 on it. Given to our favorite charity. I guess Joe […]

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Well, that was depressing

On February 25, 2010 By

WKYC (Cleveland’s NBC TV affiliate, Channel 3) just left my apartment after an interview about the county council campaign.? I even took direction.? On the whole, I guess it was o.k., but still a bit depressing, and since I find it therapeutic to blog about this stuff, well, here it is.

I got a chance to talk about transparency in county government (which is why I’m running), but most of the interview was about my last name (not related) and my conviction from 2002.? Of course, I expected that.? Of course, I decided to run for this county council […]

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This is just comical.

And he deftly recognizes that with the stimulus funds we do receive, they shouldn?t be spent to expand government, but instead for one-time needs so as to avoid creating a dependency we can?t meet once the one-time funds disappear.

Do I wish we didn’t have the stimulus at all? Of course. But we do, and if we’re going to spend this money, let’s do it responsibly.

Um, Kasich can’t have to both ways. He cannot decry Governor Strickland for accepting stimulus money because it “creates a dependency we can’t meet once the one-time funds […]

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How awesome is that!!!!? Running for county council can be such a blast.? What up, Tom Beres!!

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I was not the biggest Cash fan growing up. I bristled at anything remotely “country”. Dad was a big fan so I got a solid foundation on the basics. It wasn’t until his later years and his crossover to the rock side of the world that I gained more respect and began to pay more attention to him. I got to meet him once in the Nashville airport. Super nice and down to earth type. Smaller in stature than you’d think.

His cover of Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage solidified me as a fan. Bloody brilliant. One of the best re-tellings of […]

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Apparently, my post on Kasich’s sweetheart real estate deal with the Ohio GOP’s hired blogger slime merchant, Matt Naugle who writes about how dirty it is that the Democratic Party shadows Republicans in between stints shadowing Democrats for Republicans.

In true Naugle form, Naugle doesn’t dispute, refute, or even address a single damn thing I said.

Naugle, who believes Sandy Theis is behind this all, despite the fact that she and I have never ever talked about it, wants people to believe that he isn’t passing along information that was spoonfed to him.

And what’s the big bombshell […]

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Start at the 2:25 mark

REPORTER: “Should Ohio NOT have used federal stimulus money [inaudible]”

KASICH: “Let me answer that question… No, if we get stimulus money, use it wisely, don’t use it as an operating revenue . . . You’re not going to get me to say that we didn’t want stimulus money.”  He then goes on and says that it should be used to repair infrastructure.

The problem with Kasich’s answer is that Congress specifically appropriate a portion of the stimulus money to provide assistance to the States for operating revenue in order […]

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Somtimes the slavish devotion to ideology of the mouth breathing core of Republicanism can reach sublime levels of perfection.? In this world, you will find Tom Blumer.

In Blumer’s fevered twitching soulless mind, where somehow Toyota is related to ACORN (?!?!?!), it makes perfect sense to defend Toyota, whose cars have killed drivers all over the country, and whose response to their cars killing people was to stonewall, obfuscate, and refuse to recall their product until a reporter, Brian Ross of ABC News, started making noise.

In the real world, this is how journalism and government is supposed to work […]

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Tremont School saved!

On February 23, 2010 By

Great news. My neighborhood is one of those places where folks mobilize when it really matters.? This is the third time that Tremont School has been on a closing list from the Cleveland School Board, and the third time that Tremonters mobilized to get it off the list successfully.

I argued that the school should be saved for all the obvious education reasons, but also because its closure would create a massive public nuisance smack in the middle of one of the few thriving neighborhoods in the city.? Whether or not this argument had any effect, who […]

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Jon Keeling’s post on today’s Quinnipiac poll is a lesson in bad propaganda.? It reminds me of how ever bad poll was spun by the McCain campaign to those infamous words:? “This is great news … for John McCain!”

Keeling tries his best to spin bad news, but he shouldn’t have bothered.? By simply trying (and failing) he reveals how Kasich has to resort to some major fallacies to put lipstick on this pig.

Keeling fallacy #1: “Comparing Quinnipiac’s ‘registered voter’ results to Rasmussen’s ‘likely’ voters results show that the more people know Kasich, the better he polls.”


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