When the US hockey team loses Gold to Canada in a hard fought Olympic battle I fully expect Matt Naugle to say stupid shit like:

“Ok I’ve had enough. Carpetbomb Canada!”


“Canada is just a frozen tundra full of Frenchies and the worthless offspring of Vietnam draft dodgers.”

But I really expect a little more from State Senator Mark Wagoner who, via Twitter, just threatened an invasion of our neighbor to the north over a silly sporting event:

“Now might be the time to finish the unfinished work of the War of 1812. See you in Ottawa in 7 days.”

I guess I should give him credit for at least knowing the capital of Canada. Though he seems to have forgotten that the War of 1812 was actually with Britain. Canada wasn’t officially formed as a country until 1867.

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  • PoliticalArsonist

    And in the War of 1812 the United States had the opportunity to claim British land in Canada, but let’s not let the facts get between us and a good argument.

  • todd

    The U.S. invaded Canada in the War of 1812. Try to know history before you make yourself look stupid

  • mvirenicus

    back during the vietnam war many protesters wore buttons with the “OUT NOW!” slogan, of course meaning that the u.s. should get out of vietnam, just as now many want the u.s. out of iraq and afghanistan. i propose that we begin a “u.s. out of the u.s.” movement. it's our only hope.

  • mvirenicus

    wow. i didn't know that. you mean if the u.s. had gone a different route some of its population might actually have a brain?

  • I guess I just don't get Republican humor. For some odd reason I don't find jokes about rape and bombing innocent civilians funny.

  • tudorman

    I knew a girl who's dad was maintenance worker as a young man at the old Euclid Beach Park on the shores of Lake Erie. One day he and a coworker, being unsupervised one night and having drank more than a few beers while on the job, decided to wheel one of the park's cannon's down to the beach, point it north, and declare war on the Canadians. They actually managed to get it to fire. It blew off a portion of the her father's hand.

    I'm guessing the dude became a lifelong pacifist after that.

  • LOL. Great story!

  • It's like Canadian Bacon come to life.

    “There's a time to think, and a time to act. And this, gentlemen, is no time to think.”

    Or, alternatively: “Surrender pronto, or we'll level Toronto!”

  • We fought the British Army not the Canadians numbnuts. Canada didn't exist a country.

    And Ottawa was actually settled by a guy from Massachusetts and in 1812 it had a lumber mill and a bunch of fur traders. No national capital.

    But I think you missed the point: it's one thing for a radical conservative blogger to make ridiculous statements about invading our allies, it's another thing all together when a sitting Senators does it.

    Put it this way: what if Obama made the same comment?

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