From the daily archives: Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the US hockey team loses Gold to Canada in a hard fought Olympic battle I fully expect Matt Naugle to say stupid shit like:

“Ok I’ve had enough. Carpetbomb Canada!”


“Canada is just a frozen tundra full of Frenchies and the worthless offspring of Vietnam draft dodgers.”

But I really expect a little more from State Senator Mark Wagoner who, via Twitter, just threatened an invasion of our neighbor to the north over a silly sporting event:

“Now might be the time to finish the unfinished work of the War of 1812. See you in Ottawa […]

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I’m willing to engage in people on the other side of the aisle.? I’ll even excuse the occasional ideologically-inspired perspective that leads to one side of the debate to distort the actual situation.? But I will not tolerate a blogger who just simply FLAT OUT LIES.? And Jon Keeling is a documented liar.

From Keeling’s Friday’s post “About that Quinnipiac Guv poll… “:

It seems the experts have the same kind of frustration as I did regarding the way Strickland’s lead in the latest Quinnipiac was framed in the media.

From Robert Moran of

While the […]

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