So in between stumbling upon a very interesting story about WKYC (stay tuned!), I watched the health care summit.? I liked it.? It was an exercise in transparency that I don’t think any president in my lifetime has ever attempted.? So, what did we see?

We saw the Republican Party’s desperate refusal to govern in stark relief.? Republicans not only said “no”, they said it in a rehearsed, robotic, scripted display of total obstruction.? Late last night, Chris Matthews lined up all the instances of GOP talking points – “start over”, “kill this bill”, “scrap it”, “step by step”, “blank sheet of paper”, they said them all so often, so precisely the same, it was like watching North Koreans praying “Dear Leader”.

This was Barack going the last, agonizing mile to get any Republican at all to address the country’s problems.? It’s hard to watch, hard to endure, but that effort will pay dividends.? We are used to seeing Democrats cave to Republican obstructionism a lot quicker, with a lot less patience, than Barack Obama is displaying.? Think about it – we are approaching March.? This bill has been declared dead countless times since last August.? It looks likely now to become law, over the protracted, petty, partisan, pathetic petulance of Republicans.? The electorate very much likes, and rewards, that kind of determination.

Short term, the White House has their issue for the fall.? The way is free for Democrats to pass this bill through reconciliation, and let the chips fall where they may.? And if this bill has any visibly positive effects in the population before the election, any at all, Republicans won’t win either house of Congress.

Long term?

Barack Obama is proving that you will not outlast him.? Ever.

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