WKYC (Cleveland’s NBC TV affiliate, Channel 3) just left my apartment after an interview about the county council campaign.? I even took direction.? On the whole, I guess it was o.k., but still a bit depressing, and since I find it therapeutic to blog about this stuff, well, here it is.

I got a chance to talk about transparency in county government (which is why I’m running), but most of the interview was about my last name (not related) and my conviction from 2002.? Of course, I expected that.? Of course, I decided to run for this county council seat knowing full well this is how the media would cover my race.? That doesn’t change the fact that it’s depressing.? This is going to be a tough road.

But I am through being defined by my mistakes.? Finished.? Non-negotiable.? And if the media in Cleveland feel like standing in the way of that, fine.? I’m confident the voters in Council District 7 will decide that they are finished being defined by their mistakes, too.

Now would be a good time to donate to my campaign.? Thanks to everyone for their support.

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  • mvirenicus

    the msm is depressing. i avoid it like the plague. i catch snatches of the msm when visiting other people's homes and can't believe ppl actually watch the crap. my tv is now strictly used for watching DVDs as i don't have cable tv and never transitioned to the new technology/converter box/antenna crapola. don't feel like i'm missing anything.

  • The woods, as Frost would say, are lovely dark and deep. But you have promises to keep…and miles to go before you sleep. Miles to go before you sleep.

    Stay strong.

  • Archie45

    No better way to show your transparency then by tackling the 80,000 pound gorilla about your own personal demons head on, out of the gate.

    You clearly believe in your community and how you can better serve it, and how local government can better serve others. Most people with your past would move or lay low in the community, you're obviously sticking your head out there, and for something that you are passionate about. If you keep that conviction, you'll have nothing to hang your head about at the end of the day (and, best case scenario, you'll have a new office to sit your ass in).


  • mvirenicus

    I suggested to tim years ago that he move to a real city for a fresh start. A place like minneapolis — too vibrant and progressive to give a damn about things like a personal past. Something obviously ties him to this backward cesspool. For my part I've recently hammered out a three year plan with her majesty to get our asses outta here. Hopefully ohio won't kill us first. Why someone would want to stick their neck out for this place like tim has is beyond me. There's nothing left here but buzzards picking at a corpse. I'm convinced frank jackson wants to be cleveland's last resident and he's nearing his goal nicely.

  • Amber

    mvirenicus, I left Ohio 8 months ago and haven't looked back. My income has doubled and the people are so much nicer here in the west. Come to Minneapolis and I will meet you for coffee!

    I miss Ohio of course, but can't figure out how I lived like that for so long. Crime, drugs, unemployment…corrupt democrats, corrupt republicans…

  • mvirenicus

    even more than the specific problems you listed, i can't stand another moment of middle-of-the-road ohio boredom. oh, and awful drivers. i hate cleveland-area drivers specifically. i swear they only leave their homes once or twice a year to see how slow they can drive. it's a northeast ohio competition: who can drive slowest and get in the way of the most people. fucking retards.

  • Tim, I thrilled that you are running for a county council seat. I'm spreading the word for people to vote for you!

    The funny think about Cleveland area bashers is that it has been my experience that the vast majority of the negativity comes from people who have never lived someplace else and/or have never done any extensive traveling. For the past 25 years I have lived in San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, Portland – Oregon, two years in Belize and spent time in 42 different states for various work assignments or vacations and have traveled to 32 different counties – including just about all of Europe.

    I have lived in Lakewood, Ohio for two years now (wife's whole family is from here/lives here/and likes it here) and I think that the Cleveland Metro Area (warts and all) compares very favorably with all the above. To me, its like living in New York City, Boston or Chicago – rich in cultural diversity and rich in cultural and artistic institutions but for about one-third the cost. Our home in Lakewood would cost two or three times as much in any of the other places I have lived. The cost of living here is well below much of the county. Sure we need to fix more than a few things, but no city or region is without its political and bugetary woes and the continuing shrinking of the middle class. Things are tough all over, there is no absolute utopia. My take on Northeast Ohio – the pros far out weigh the cons. Knock on wood, we plan to spend the rest of our lives here.

  • mvirenicus

    a leading theory on cleveland's low cost of living is that nobody in their right mind wants to live here. ok, sorry, the right mind part is a little projection on my part. nobody wants to live here. there. that's better. greater cleveland has bled 150,000 people in the last decade and the city of cleveland has lost well over 500,000 in less than 50 years. and more power to ya if you're able to suffer the constant gray of cleveland's late autumn and winter. cleveland ranks fourth in the nation for lack of sunshine. btw, i'm a winter person, but i loathe cleveland's version of it.

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