WKYC (Cleveland’s NBC TV affiliate, Channel 3) just left my apartment after an interview about the county council campaign.? I even took direction.? On the whole, I guess it was o.k., but still a bit depressing, and since I find it therapeutic to blog about this stuff, well, here it is.

I got a chance to talk about transparency in county government (which is why I’m running), but most of the interview was about my last name (not related) and my conviction from 2002.? Of course, I expected that.? Of course, I decided to run for this county council seat knowing full well this is how the media would cover my race.? That doesn’t change the fact that it’s depressing.? This is going to be a tough road.

But I am through being defined by my mistakes.? Finished.? Non-negotiable.? And if the media in Cleveland feel like standing in the way of that, fine.? I’m confident the voters in Council District 7 will decide that they are finished being defined by their mistakes, too.

Now would be a good time to donate to my campaign.? Thanks to everyone for their support.

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