This is just comical.

And he deftly recognizes that with the stimulus funds we do receive, they shouldn?t be spent to expand government, but instead for one-time needs so as to avoid creating a dependency we can?t meet once the one-time funds disappear.

Do I wish we didn’t have the stimulus at all? Of course. But we do, and if we’re going to spend this money, let’s do it responsibly.

Um, Kasich can’t have to both ways. He cannot decry Governor Strickland for accepting stimulus money because it “creates a dependency we can’t meet once the one-time funds disappear” and then admit that, he, too would have accept the exact same money.

You can’t say that in spending federal stimulus money that the State would otherwise not have that you are somehow not spending money to expand government.  You can’t say, I’d take federal stimulus money to fund government, while you’re claiming you’re going to radically shrink that state government.

Kasich is trying to have it both ways.  And it suggests that his tax plan is not going to paid for by just painful and reckless spending cuts, but it’s going to require a massive tax increase on the middle class in the form of higher property and sales taxes.

You can’t go on Sean Hannity’s show and say something like, oh, I dunno:

Asked on Hannity in 2009 if the stimulus would get America out of the “economic slow down,” Kasich said, “No, no, no, no. This stimulus package is not.”  Asked if it would extend the slow down, Kasich said, “Well, I think it does. I think it means that we do not have the right ingredients to solve this problem. This ought to be 70 percent tax cuts, 30 percent spending without the pork.” [Hannity, 2/2/09]


“Sean, you know, you and I both wished that we were wrong and that the stimulus was going to work. You and I both said at the time that it was filled with pork, special favors, backslapping one politician to another. And it hasn’t worked.” [Hannity, 7/8/09] at the 6:06 mark (as found on Kasich’s website).

And then run for Governor and say, “I’d accept the federal stimulus money to do transportation projects in my State we couldn’t otherwise afford.”

He can’t go to FoxNews and calls transportation and other infrastructure projects being funding by the stimulus as “wasteful pork” that isn’t paid for and then run in Ohio talking about how he’d use that money for… improving and repairing Ohio’s infrastructure to create jobs using the SAME money!

He can’t go on FoxNews and talk about how bad the stimulus money is because it’s borrowed money that won’t improve the economy and then admit he’d take it because it’ll create jobs.

He can’t say that Ohio needs to shed over 44% of its revenues to force state government to shrink to be “competitive” in the economy and allege that the State is “dependent” on the federal government for funding, but then say he, too, would use one-time federal stimulus money to fund state government.

He can’t do that unless he’s a two-faced political chameleon who just simply says what he believes his intended audience wants to hear…

Keeling can spin it all he wants, but John Kasich has been caught red-handed telling the Tea Party movement one thing and the rest of the people of Ohio another!

Will the real John Kasich please stand up?

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