Did John Kasich’s campaign steal marketing ideas from pop music icons and sex websites? Having visited Kasich’s website it’s really hard not to make the comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for developing a brand for your candidate.

But “a New Day”? “Tried,-Tested-and-Proven”?

These ‘slogans’ sound much too familiar.

I’m the exact opposite of a C?line Dion fan, but even I know they stole “a new day” from her Vegas show

Get yourself a frilly, white, tight-fitting pants suit and maybe we can talk about a campaign slogan that pays tribute to Canada’s most famous pop star. Until then you just seem like you paid your DC-based advertising company too much money for a crappy, stolen campaign slogan.

And Tried, Tested and Proven?

That shit has Penis Enlargement written all over it.