Ruh roh. Looks like ACORN may be getting $100 from my wingnut friend Joe C. We made a wager (I don’t forget these things – someone still owes me a bottle of bourbon from the 2008 Presidential…cough…Keeler…cough). The wager came after I made fun of those on the right getting lathered up by an article taking comments out of context to indicate (they thought) that Obama was leaving open the option of not running for re-election.

Joe C was very sure of it and even put $100 on it. Given to our favorite charity. I guess Joe could save us some time waiting and go ahead and take care of the $100 transaction. Do it all online. 😉

Ain’t looking good for old Joe:

President Barack Obama?s top advisers are quietly laying the groundwork for the 2012 reelection campaign, which is likely to be run out of Chicago and managed by White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, according to Democrats familiar with the discussions.


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  • Eric that's pretty good. When will you have the balls to put money on my global warming challenge?

  • don't know much about it gordo. if it has to do with short term weather trends i wouldn't want to bet on it. has little to do with “climate” though. learn the difference between weather and climate. tough to wrap your head around, but big snowstorms make sense relative to global warming. i'm sure we could find a way to wager on it though. we should keep trying. 😉

  • Joe C.

    Don't worry. I remember; and on the rare occasion that I'm wrong, I always pay off. Hopefully you will.

    Actually, I'm feeling more confident than ever! Remember, the bet is not just run for re-election, but: “If Obama is NOT on the top of the ticket after the Dem Nat'l Convention in 2012 for any reason other than death…” Go back and look it up. So if he runs, and loses in a primary fight to Hillary, but accepts the VP slot, you lose. (I can't believe I got through that without vomiting on my keyboard.) Really, I'm wondering now if he'll even finish out this term.

    Plus, ACORN is no more. When I said “charity,” I was thinking about things like the Red Cross. It's revealing, though, that you consider an anti-American organized crime affiliate a charity.

    Joe C.

  • Good. I assume we are both men of our word.

    I understand the bet. Hillary already lost her best shot. A sitting President accepting a VP slot after being defeated in a primary after his first term? How do you even make that shit up? Obama's no Franklin Pierce. Go Google now. I'll wait.

    ACORN no more? Really? It's revealing that you consider an anti-poverty and community activist group an organized crime affiliate.

    We'll see if this page works when you have to check the little box next to $100:


    I'm sure you'll make me give to the Organization to Destroy Gays & Force Women to Give Birth Society. It'd only be fair.

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