Somtimes the slavish devotion to ideology of the mouth breathing core of Republicanism can reach sublime levels of perfection.? In this world, you will find Tom Blumer.

In Blumer’s fevered twitching soulless mind, where somehow Toyota is related to ACORN (?!?!?!), it makes perfect sense to defend Toyota, whose cars have killed drivers all over the country, and whose response to their cars killing people was to stonewall, obfuscate, and refuse to recall their product until a reporter, Brian Ross of ABC News, started making noise.

In the real world, this is how journalism and government is supposed to work – often, the only ally the truth has against a system ignoring truth is a journalist with some guts, shoe leather, and a megaphone, who by use of that megaphone gets government to move.? It is to be celebrated.

Unfortunately, this does not blend well with the free market absolutists who have dominated Republicanism for decades.? Those dead drivers are simply fuel on the altar of Tom Blumer’s religion of the free market, where every single thing the free market does is an unmitigated good, and anything the free market is forced to do against its will is a blatant evil.

This argument between no government and some government has been settled for centuries, but occasionally gets argued, over and over, by ignorant pigs like Tom Blumer.? Thanks to the internet, we get to see the machinations of their empty souls in near real time.

Blumer’s actually providing a public service.? Tom Blumer is reminding the world just how dangerous Republicans are when given any power, because what Tom Blumer argues in a dusty corner of the internet’s seething maggot pit of wingnuttia is precisely how Republicans have governed, and would govern again, whenever given the chance.? They would throw human lives onto a funeral pyre in service to their ideology, as Tom Blumer has been doing now for weeks.

Thanks, Tom, for the reminder.

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  • I'm torn between the desire to watch and comment on the trainwreck and the desire to stay calm and sane. Haven't read some Blumer in WEEKS!

  • PS: Leave Tom alone. He really, really loves his Avalon!

  • adrienne

    The “free market” will take care of Toyota. They will lose more money than if they had fixed the problem and not papered it over and blamed the customers and drivers.
    “toyota makes killer cars”

  • mvirenicus

    that was a great album. love roxy music.

  • Joe C.

    I predict that most of these ?sudden accelerations? are going to end up being hoaxes used to deflect responsibility in insurance claims and moving violations?i.e. the automotive equivalent of ?The Twinkie Defense.? This also has the familiar ring of the phony Audi 5000 scare by 60 Minutes in the 80s.

    Lawyers will milk this for billions like they did with silicone breast implants causing unverifiable (read: non-existent) ?autoimmune diseases? that ended up being an excuse by female patients? for their underlying psychiatric illnesses.

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