Apparently, my post on Kasich’s sweetheart real estate deal with the Ohio GOP’s hired blogger slime merchant, Matt Naugle who writes about how dirty it is that the Democratic Party shadows Republicans in between stints shadowing Democrats for Republicans.

In true Naugle form, Naugle doesn’t dispute, refute, or even address a single damn thing I said.

Naugle, who believes Sandy Theis is behind this all, despite the fact that she and I have never ever talked about it, wants people to believe that he isn’t passing along information that was spoonfed to him.

And what’s the big bombshell Naugle has?

That the Governor and First Lady sold their Columbus condo at a $7k loss in 2007, during the worst real estate market in living memory, to a longtime Congressional staffer of Strickland’s.

Really, Naugle, that’s the best John Kasich’s oppo. researchers gave you to fire back compared to Kasich’s sweetheart land deal?


According to the very same Franklin County Auditor’s records Kasich Naugle relies on, larger condos in the same building sold at a substantially lower price than the staff paid for the smaller condo the Stricklands’ owned.? So, actually, the staff can make a very reasonable case that she OVERPAID for the condo.? (It took me longer to upload the document to post here than it did for me to find it on my own.)
Franklin County Auditor Records

Kasich cannot make any such comparison.? Unlike the Strickland staffer, Kasich was a powerful Congressional chairman at the time, dealing with one of his significant campaign contributors.? Unlike the Strickland staffer, public records show that Kasich paid for the property that was 1/2 to 1/6 per acre of the price the SAME SELLER, sold the SAME SIZE LOTS, in the SAME SUBDIVISION, on the SAME STREET, around the SAME TIME.? To compare the two is just nonsense.? Even when you factor in the problems Kasich says exists on the property, he paid way below the price difference you’d ordinarily expect such problems would affect valuation. Kasich said the problems costs him approximately between $15k to $20k in additional construction costs.? His discount compared to the other similar properties sold by the seller covered that by a factor of ten!

The mere fact that “Mad Dog” Matt Naugle has gone apeshit to run defense and distraction on this story tells me that the Kasich campaign is worried about this story and where it might lead.

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