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REPORTER: “Should Ohio NOT have used federal stimulus money [inaudible]”

KASICH: “Let me answer that question… No, if we get stimulus money, use it wisely, don’t use it as an operating revenue . . . You’re not going to get me to say that we didn’t want stimulus money.”  He then goes on and says that it should be used to repair infrastructure.

The problem with Kasich’s answer is that Congress specifically appropriate a portion of the stimulus money to provide assistance to the States for operating revenue in order to prevent crippling job losses in the public sector in order to prevent a weakening of the social safety net when it was needed the most.  The other problem, as the Columbus Dispatch points out, Kasich has yet to offer any possible solution as he’d balance the budget without the stimulus money.

The other problem?  Ohio HAS been using the stimulus money to improve Ohio’s infrastructure and retool industry.  Ohio has over a billion dollars in stimulus money for infrastructure repair and improvements.  Kasich simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Kasich says not only Ohio should accept stimulus money, he’d spend it as he saw fit because its “our money.”

Goodbye, Teabagger vote…

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