I admit I haven’t really been following the ‘other’ candidates in the Senate race but I find the story Anthony and Tim are pushing a little lacking.

Supposedly Traci Johnson’s entry into the Senate race is some kind of secret plot by the Fisher campaign to steal female votes away from Brunner in the primary.

According to Julie Carr Smyth’s article on the subject Traci Johnson registered her campaign website nearly a year ago.

I’m not saying this is proof that there isn’t some kind of conspiracy going on, but it does seem kind of unlikely that Johnson and Fisher have been planning this for that long.

  • Joseph, just to be clear (and Happy Birthday by the way), I’m not “pushing” this story as fact. I reported and commented on what the AP reported first. I followed it up with Johnson’s odd press release from Saturday. I’m not convinced this was a Fisher plan and I’m not trying to push it that way. It’s just hard to believe that Johnson was able to circulate the petitions on her own with no organization.

  • Matuscak

    “According to Julie Carr Smyth?s article on the subject Traci Johnson registered her campaign website nearly a year ago.”


    $ whois johnsonforussenate.com
    [Querying whois.verisign-grs.com]
    [Redirected to whois.godaddy.com]
    [Querying whois.godaddy.com]
    The data contained in GoDaddy.com, Inc.'s WhoIs database,
    Traci Johnson

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Created on: 29-Jan-10
    Expires on: 29-Jan-11
    Last Updated on: 29-Jan-10

    Sure looks to me like the domain was registered about three weeks ago.

  • I looked this up myself before I posted it. And I found the same thing.

    But I decided to to run with it anyway assuming Julie Carr Smyth did her research.

  • Looks like she was wrong to me.

  • Truth always eventually comes out. We'll find out.

  • I’m guessing AP Julie was talking about the johnson2010.us domain, which was registered back in march of 09. That one currently redirects to the new domain johnsonforussenate.com.

  • anastasjoy

    That's interesting because her own little statement about why she is running is dated last July, although I must admit I have no idea how long the site has actually been up. However, even if the site WERE registered last March, this wouldn't prove one way or the other. Since virtually the first thing Lee Fisher did was start promoting the “Women for Lee” angle, it was clear he was trying to undercut any perceived gender advantage Jennifer might have had. It would not have been inconceivable that he at that time recruited a woman and had her on ice in case Jennifer didn't drop out, intimidated by his fundraising. However, I'm not terrible convinced of it. I'd need to see a lot more proof of a connection between Lee and Johnson.

  • This is the blogosphere Anastasia! We don't need more proof of a connection! We just need rampant speculation and specious reporting. You know this.

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