Been on a two week gauntlet of business travel, but feel I need to comment on this old story about Pat Tiberi being a stimulus hypocrite (among the parade of recent GOP stimulus hypocrites outed lately).

Pat’s my Congressman. Dude pretty much knows how to lay low, go along to get along, and is generally considered a GOP patsy kind of guy. Did it surprise me to hear that while railing against the stimulus bill Pat was also writing letters trying to score some cash for his district? Not one bit. He’ll most likely get away with it too. Voters in the 12th are your typical eyes glazed over GOP does no wrong idiot sycophants. They’ll buy the claptrap put out by his campaign that while Pat “didn?t support the stimulus bill, but when it comes down to parts of the bill that are actually going to support jobs, he?s going to come down on the side of supporting businesses and Ohio jobs”.

Seriously. They’ll buy that shit.

One thing though. When you have the biggest progressive mouthpiece in the state along with one of the biggest wingnut bloggers in the state both calling you out as a hypocrite, you might just have problems.

That said, given the nature of the district and Pat’s lay low nature I don’t expect OH-12 to be competitive at all. Pat’s going to have to take a walk on the Appalachian Trail to lose his cushy job in DC.

I’m just glad that Tiberi’s staff conceded that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created jobs! 37% of the stimulus ($288B) went to “tax relief”. I’m sure Tiberi agrees with this part of the stimulus as well. I bet if we add up all the job saving/creation and tax relief that Congressman Tiberi might even agree with the majority of the bill he voted against! Developing…

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