I bounced between airports and being locked in a hotel room shooting video most of last week, so I watched from afar as? Lee Fisher plant TJ Johnson, who no one has ever heard of, made it to the ballot for the US Senate primary.? And if you don’t believe TJ Johnson is a Lee Fisher plant, you’re just a damn fool.

I’m hearing that TJ Johnson is quite close with former Lee Fisher campaign manager Marc Gaunce, current Progress Ohio board member.? You’ll remember Gaunce from his recent check bouncing.? TJ Johnson used to work for Lee Fisher, Gaunce has been on every Lee Fisher campaign anyone can remember, right up until this year’s primary, and no one ever heard of TJ Johnson before filing day.? Call me crazy.

Dayton Daily news picked up an AP story which sniffs it, and basically declares it doesn’t pass the smell test. It is no small task to file the required 1,000 signatures to run for US Senate.? Lee couldn’t do it himself with volunteers – he has been paying staff to do it, right up to the filing deadline.? Johnson could not have done this on her own.? Here’s Johnson’s pathetic Youtube announcement, and her equally ridiculous campaign website….you tell me if this looks like a campaign capable of collecting 1,000 signatures statewide without significant help from another interested party.

But here’s the thing.? If the Brunner victory dynamic takes hold, which it will, this race isn’t going to be that close – it certainly won’t be close enough for a few dozen votes peeling off to some random female name on the ballot to cost Brunner the race.? Women are not voting for Jennifer because she’s a woman – they are voting for Jennifer because she is a hero who is also a woman.

Before you say, “wait, TJ Johnson is black, too!”? May I remind you that Brunner is just as much of a hero to the black community, in fact, moreso.? Brunner’s appeal is a message driven dynamic.? This TJ Johnson joke of a candidacy is a tactical dynamic.? Message beats tactic, every time.? The two demographic groups who may peel off for a random black woman ain’t gonna peel off of Jennifer Brunner.

I’m quite certain this is not the last we’ll hear about this.