OK, I’m not the best Tweeter in the world, must admit.? My new campaign Twitter account, however, is now tied to my mobile phone, so I can tweet from the campaign trail.? Maybe this’ll get me to dive in a bit more…seeing only 2 followers, one of whom is a wingnut, is a bit discouraging….please follow!? First stop…tonight’s campaign meeting at Prosperity in Tremont!? As Conan O’Brien would say, that’s one tough tweet!

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  • Adrienne

    Hope you have fun.
    Will be happy to volunteer and use shoe leather and my keyboard. Short of money and can't help you until The end of March. Will follow you're progress.

  • thanks! stay tuned, there'll be plenty of ways to help which do not involve money!

  • Adrienne

    Do you know why some of the county council seats are only 2 years? They are the even numbered districts and they look suspicious to me looking at the map. I m in an odd numbered district so I am not directly affected.

  • i wrote about this a bit ago. this may help.


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