From the daily archives: Monday, February 22, 2010

I admit I haven’t really been following the ‘other’ candidates in the Senate race but I find the story Anthony and Tim are pushing a little lacking.

Supposedly Traci Johnson’s entry into the Senate race is some kind of secret plot by the Fisher campaign to steal female votes away from Brunner in the primary.

According to Julie Carr Smyth’s article on the subject Traci Johnson registered her campaign website nearly a year ago.

I’m not saying this is proof that there isn’t some kind of conspiracy going on, but it does seem kind of unlikely that […]

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OK, I’m not the best Tweeter in the world, must admit.? My new campaign Twitter account, however, is now tied to my mobile phone, so I can tweet from the campaign trail.? Maybe this’ll get me to dive in a bit more…seeing only 2 followers, one of whom is a wingnut, is a bit discouraging….please follow!? First stop…tonight’s campaign meeting at Prosperity in Tremont!? As Conan O’Brien would say, that’s one tough tweet!

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Been on a two week gauntlet of business travel, but feel I need to comment on this old story about Pat Tiberi being a stimulus hypocrite (among the parade of recent GOP stimulus hypocrites outed lately).

Pat’s my Congressman. Dude pretty much knows how to lay low, go along to get along, and is generally considered a GOP patsy kind of guy. Did it surprise me to hear that while railing against the stimulus bill Pat was also writing letters trying to score some cash for his district? Not one bit. He’ll most likely get away with it too. Voters […]

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Naugle for Cordray?

On February 22, 2010 By

I’m not sure if this is an endorsement, but a reader forwards some photos taken of Matt Naugle at the Cordray announcement last week:

I love this last shot of one wingnut standing alone.? He either farted or they figured out who he was.? LOL

You may remember that Matt was also spotted at an Obama campaign rally in Columbus a couple years ago.

I think if the GOP wants spotters on the ground that they should pick less conspicuous folks.? That meat-head is instantly recognizable.? Of course, if Matt really is starting to lean […]

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I guess it all matters on what your definition of “arm’s length transaction” is.? To me, if your arm is doing a celebratory “reach around” to the other side at the bargaining table, it’s not really an “arms length transaction.”? John Kasich and his lawyer/business partner/campaign donor apparently disagree.

Today’s front-page story on the Cleveland Plain Dealer was a story first broke by Bill Sloat over at the Daily Bellweather. (Well, actually, it’s been news since Kasich ran for President in ’00, but Sloat brought it back up a few weeks ago.)

Here the key paragraphs:


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I bounced between airports and being locked in a hotel room shooting video most of last week, so I watched from afar as? Lee Fisher plant TJ Johnson, who no one has ever heard of, made it to the ballot for the US Senate primary.? And if you don’t believe TJ Johnson is a Lee Fisher plant, you’re just a damn fool.

I’m hearing that TJ Johnson is quite close with former Lee Fisher campaign manager Marc Gaunce, current Progress Ohio board member.? You’ll remember Gaunce from his recent check bouncing.? TJ Johnson used to work for Lee […]

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Shameless self-promotion alert!? As you all know, I freelance for James Renner’s new Cleveland alt weekly, The Independent. The March 4 issue will double circulation to 20,000, distributed all over Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Akron, Kent, and the rest of NEO.

So if you’re a campaign on the ballot on May 4, you want to advertise in this issue.? James Renner is a reporter’s reporter, and anyone who can piss of Kevin Coughlin to the point of threatening to sue is ok in my book!? Your campaign will reach the core of likely voters in NEO through the Indy…..I have a […]

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Gee…..wonder what land deal John Kasich was obsessing about in 1996, to the point of trying to impeach a sitting president?

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