Republicans are as predictable as the movement of the solar system.? At the moment, this is manifesting itself in their continued pursuit of the margins of political thought in pursuit of power.? After a moment of reflection in 2009, in 2010 they are all in.

For perhaps two decades now, the GOP has been captive to a hard right core of activists whom official Republicanism uses like whores to win marginal elections, then ignores utterly.? In that period, that core has been the God, guns, and gays neanderthal knuckle dragging rejectionist wing of anti-abortion sexual obsessives.? And yet, abortion remains legal, reasonable gun control remains firmly in the mainstream, the inevitable pursuit of gay rights continues its march forward, and immigration continues to change the county for the better.? Oh darn.

After the election of Barack Obama, that core of Republicanism has gone well beyond beating their Bibles, headlong into racism, hate, violent rhetoric, and violence itself.? They are now the teabaggers, a paranoid strain of mutant political thought based on the embrace of pure fiction as philosophy.? They no longer base their world view on a set of assumptions that are arguable, such as when does life begin, or how much gun control is good or bad, or whether or not gay rights are civil rights.? Teabaggers base their world view on a set of assumptions that are literally false, provably false, whose sum total amounts to fiction.

For example, teabaggers cite the constitution endlessly, like the Bible itself, but not constitutional law, a 230 year accumulation of legislation, amendments, and jurisprudence a bit too long to actually read.? They complain about how many thousands of pages are in a health care reform bill, how can you expect them to read one volume of case law?? No sir.? Just the words on the parchment signed in 1789 as if they are on Moses’ tablets, even though they have evolved over more than two centuries to fit our country’s own evolution, dressing themselves in colonial garb and shouting the preamble as if this makes them an authority to declare an inviolate truth only they know.

These parasitic whores, who have been contracted out by Republicanism, are just as predictable as their johns.? They are now even more angry.? Like every self-respecting prostitute, no amount of abuse will prevent the teabaggers from getting on their knees again, opening wide, and teabagging their master further to full climax.? The GOP, despite knowing full well how this wretched addiction of theirs has marginalized their party, can’t pull away.? It feels too good.

Thus, Mark Naymik today details the teabaggers’ symbiotic fellating of the GOP, which has now reached the point of teabaggers attempting to take official control of their host.? The maggots now want to become the carcass on which they feed.

The outcome is just as predictable.? Further into the margins Republicanism drifts.? For a brief moment last year, official Republicanism wondered whether or not going in for one more fellating was a good idea.? What we have seen in the past two weeks, at CPAC, the Tea Party convention, and now in the media, is the total abandonment of that brief moment of sanity.? Once more into the bedroom, they march, to the point of wildly cheering none other than Dick Cheny, yes, Dick Cheney, shouting “run, Dick run”.? They’re all in.

It may take a while to play out at the ballot box, but this way lies catastrophe for the Republican Party.? And it brings such a smile to my face.

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