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Capitalizing on the Rapture

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Best idea ever: Atheist entrepreneur starts a company that promises atheist pet care service for the dogs, cats and llamas of true believers after they have been safely carted off to heaven to meet their maker.

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Republicans are as predictable as the movement of the solar system.? At the moment, this is manifesting itself in their continued pursuit of the margins of political thought in pursuit of power.? After a moment of reflection in 2009, in 2010 they are all in.

For perhaps two decades now, the GOP has been captive to a hard right core of activists whom official Republicanism uses like whores to win marginal elections, then ignores utterly.? In that period, that core has been the God, guns, and gays neanderthal knuckle dragging rejectionist wing of anti-abortion sexual obsessives.? And yet, abortion remains […]

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