• mvirenicus

    no formal marketing or advertising background here, but here's my best shot at constructive criticism:

    love the concept. love the layout, picture, colors, fonts, etc…

    not sure the messaging is clear. i understand because i know where you're trying to go with it, but someone without background knowledge might be confused. what's trying to be said here?

  • I'll go one better than mvirenicus and say that you look like a fine, upstanding, young Republican. Mwahahahahah!

    Have you missed me?

  • tudorman

    Hmmm. I don't know, Russo. I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between the government and the mob.

    Maybe you should reverse the black and white. And those are the funniest looking “f's” I've ever seen.

  • mvirenicus

    I can't remember the details and I'm too lazy to google right now, but there was a time when wearing a tux in the usa branded you a communist sympathizer. I would have been wearing a tux daily on my bus ride to work while reading marx and engels with the cover plainly visible to all. Fuck em all. Stupid americans.

  • baggeroh

    The Ministry of Photoshop Hilarity is going strong.

  • Amber

    1. too many fonts
    2. use a newer portrait
    3. are they advertising you or themselves
    4. message is muddled
    5. too closely skirts the edge of copyright infringement
    6. hire professionals next time and not people you find on Craigslist

    You need to hire professionals and people you met on Craigslist.

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