The Sandusky Register isn’t a bad paper all around. They ran a good opinion piece about Strickland last Friday. And they seem, unlike a lot of other smaller Ohio newspapers, to maintain a balance in their political news coverage.

But headlines like this one totally make me cringe:

Kasich promises to be pro-business if elected governor

It immediately makes me think: Is that all it takes to get a headline in the Sandusky Register? Random, empty promises?

If I promise to be pro-business can I get a headline too?

Hell, I’ll take it multiple steps further…

If I’m elected Governor I promise not only to be pro-business but also pro-labor, proactively progressive, a protagonist of procrastination and also pro-wresting. I also promise to give everyone who votes for me free rainbow-flavored ice cream, a gift certificate for sex with a super model and a real, live pet baby unicorn (or baby unicorn ‘veal’ chops – whichever you prefer).

Promises mean nothing – especially from life-long, over-promising politicians like John Kasich.

The problem with John Kasich is pretty clear: he will promise you whatever you want to hear because he has absolutely no idea how hard it is to deliver on those promises.

Despite his talk of a blue-collar background, John Kasich has never had a real job in his life.

He went into politics in his early 20’s and has never looked back.

John Kasich has never delivered pizzas or mowed a lawn or dealt with rude customers or hammered a nail.

John Kasich has never done an honest day’s work in his life so how can you expect him to be honest with you?