From the daily archives: Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sandusky Register isn’t a bad paper all around. They ran a good opinion piece about Strickland last Friday. And they seem, unlike a lot of other smaller Ohio newspapers, to maintain a balance in their political news coverage.

But headlines like this one totally make me cringe:

Kasich promises to be pro-business if elected governor

It immediately makes me think: Is that all it takes to get a headline in the Sandusky Register? Random, empty promises?

If I promise to be pro-business can I get a headline too?

Hell, I’ll take it multiple steps further…

If […]

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This email is making the rounds (and blowing up on FreeRepublic); apparently that Muslin Negro Manchurian candidate from Kenya who stole the election and conned his way into the Presidency has the nerve to disrespect, well, everything by putting his feet up on his desk.

Oops. Wrong photo. Let’s try again.

Nope, still got it wrong.

There we go – third time is the charm. Here’s the text going around attached to the photo of Obama.

Does this photo taken in the Oval Office convey anything to you about attitude and arrogance?

Would you […]

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I’ll throw it out there since no one else seems to want to do it: the guy who flew his plane into a building this morning killing at least 2 US Government employees was a right-wing nutjob who was obsessed with the IRS and government bailouts.

In short: he was a tea-bagger.

Today wasn’t just some randomly-selected day to fly your plane into an IRS building.

Today was a big day in the Tea Party movement. Tons of big Tea Party events were being held today because it’s the anniversary of the evil, liberal, Obama-signed stimulus package that has […]

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