From the daily archives: Thursday, February 18, 2010

I submitted this to the PD last Friday.? They have decided not to print it.? Which is funny, given that I’m the only candidate for either county council or county executive with any credibility on the issue, or who is actually talking about it.? Oh well….it gets printed here at Plunderbund!

Coup d?etats in the former soviet republics are not subtle.? They have, however, become more sophisticated.

The list of best practices includes giving the opposition just enough seats at the table for window dressing, every step of the way, packing legitimate committees of government with an overwhelming majority who […]

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Judging him just by his twitter feed, ONN’s Jim Heath comes across as relatively knowledgeable, politically moderate and a pretty reasonable guy.

Jim is the host of Capital Square on ONN – the Ohio news channel owned by the Dispatch – and it seems like he’s the only anchor not on Fox News to actually get an interview with John Kasich.

Call it tight message control. Call it being a total pussy afraid of taking real questions from real reporters. However you describe his behavior, John Kasich has refused to give any public interviews to anyone that […]

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