Gonna be on the road for the rest of the week, so light blogging alert on my end.? Couple thoughts from the County Council campaign trail.

As I’ve mentioned before, the internal political game playing within the Democratic Party in Cuyahoga County continues to sing its siren song.? I’ve worked all these angles for a very long time, it’s very difficult to resist working them for my own candidacy.? But I’m doing better at resisting.

Case in point – recently, I had an opportunity to wade knee deep into the mire – no details necessary, just another of those angles I used to work over like a cheap hooker for some candidate client in the past.? Suffice to say, it felt right at first, but almost immediately, my gut said to just forget about it.? Gut instinct is over rated, certainly, but I’ve learned that when something feels like a wasteful distraction from the outset, for whatever reason, it’s probably a wasteful distraction.? I gave it serious thought, and found many, very good reasons, to stay on my course.

And that course is?? Outsider, insurgent candidacies are a cliche, too.? But that’s because that label is a response to? another label, the insider.? No one’s more of an outsider to this game than I am, even though I used to be an insider.? There is no upside for me to play the old game.? Zero.

The upside for any candidate, inside or outside, comes from average people who take the measure of you, on your own merits, and decide to support you.? Again, I learned this while working for Tim Ryan, and I’m finding it applies to my candidacy.? Call that a cliche, too, if you want, but it’s working.? And it’s way more influential than the inside game, because it’s based on authenticity, not how well or how poorly you play a game.

So I leave town for a work trip comfortable in the knowledge that I’m on the right track, my mind is not beset with silly intrigue that will yield nothing, and I’ll head back to town for a campaign meeting next week where all that work will show its dividends.? However small or large those dividends may be, they’ll be real, not phantoms.? And you can build on the real.? Phantoms disappear.

I may blog from the road a bit.? Catch ya on the flip side.

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