I’ve been saying this to people for a while, but I haven’t blogged it in a while.? Time to fix that!

Democrats will be able to defeat Republicans by running against George W. Bush for decades to come.



And if Democrats don’t do precisely that in 2010, they will be committing political malpractice.? Some dude running for some random office 20 years from now in Anytown, USA, will have taken a picture with George W. Bush at his college Republican shindig and will whine about that picture’s use against him, and he’ll still lose because of that picture.

The best current evidence of this?? Watch how fast Republicans whine about it.? Watch that knee jerk crybaby thing happen, like clockwork.? “All Barack Obama does is blame George W. Bush WAHAHHHHHH!”? You know you have Republicans by the nuts when they squeal like stuck pigs so quickly.

The reason they squeal so loud, so fast??? Because it works, and will work, FOR DECADES.? Every time.? Why does it work??? BECAUSE IT’S TRUE, and it will remain true for a very, very long time.

Every day, Americans walk by the wreckage of George W. Bush’s Republican dogma.? We pay for George W. Bush’s policies at the doctor’s office, if we can even afford to go to one. We pay for George W. Bush’s policies at the gas pump, every single time we fill up our gas tank.? We pay in airports abroad when foreigners laugh at us and in veterans’ halls where parents pay tribute to their fallen children.? Almost a quarter of us pay for George W. Bush’s policies with our jobs.? If we even have a job, we pay for George W. Bush’s policies with our lower wages and our vulnerability in our own workplace.

WE will pay for George W. Bush’s policies as a country for DECADES.

That means there will be hell to pay on the ballot, FOR DECADES, until voters can no longer find anyone on a ballot who IS responsible for George W. Bush’s policies.

John Kasich and Rob Portman are the perfect Republicans to be first in line.? Portman is responsible for George W. Bush’s trade policies, and Kasich for Bush’s budget policies.? That makes them both road kill – the first at the head of a long line of Republicans who will pay with their political careers for the policies of George W. Bush under the wheels of a freight train of payback bearing down on them with the heavy momentum of history.

This Democrat intends to make them pay.? Every Democrat running for every office up and down the ballot FOR DECADES had better make Republicans pay, too.

Watching Republicans squeal themselves sick about it is just makes collecting that price a bit more enjoyable.? There is no other pill to take, folks. ? Make them sleep in the fire.

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