I consider myself pretty moderate on gun issues. I’m not against concealed carry permits and I don’t really favor bans on certain types of weapons. If you want to buy an Uzi I don’t really care. (though it seems perfectly reasonable that you submit to a pretty thorough background check before you walk out of a gun store carrying a submachine gun capable of firing hundreds of rounds a minute)

Funny thing about the candidates in this year’s Governor’s race: the Democrat is actually is more pro-gun than me and the Republican is the exact opposite.

That’s right, when it comes to having a pro-gun voting record, Ted Strickland kicks John Kasich’s ass.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the Buckeye Firearms Association.

According to the BFA, from 1992 to 1998 (when Strickland and Kasich served together in congress) Ted Strickland was consistently given an A rating from the NRA. John Kasich? Not so much.

John Kasich’s ratings for those years:

1992 B-
1994 F
1996 C+
1998 B+

I know all the super-liberal PB readers are going to cringe at this news. The conservative readers as well. And I’m not taking sides on this one.

I’m just pointing out the facts.

And the facts are clear: if Kasich intends to run on his pro-gun rights record, he’s going to have a seriously difficult time competing with Governor Strickland.

  • mvirenicus

    I'm kinda ambivalent on gun control issues too. I was raised around guns. I was in the military. I'm a gun owner. But on the rare occasions I think about it, I mean really really think about it, I do believe greater gun controls would be a good thing. In the end, being able to kill or maim with a high-velocity projectile is pretty chicken shit. Let men settle their differences with fists, nations with swords, and I'll be willing to call hunting a sport when the animals have guns too. Yeah, come to think of it, fuck guns.

  • As always I respect and, dare I say, admire your opinion mvirenicus.

    I certainly don't look longingly toward a world where men battle each other with primitive weapons and the winner gets to eat the loser, but I do understand the appeal.

    My point here isn't guns really.

    It's that everything Kasich claims to want to do Strickland has already done better.

  • mvirenicus

    you did it again, joseph. made me laugh. love your wit.

    on my usual dour note, this is just another example of what's wrong with our two-party system. it all boils down to political one-upsmanship. it's all window dressing. very little principle and no conviction involved. knocking off an old kinks tune: “give the people what they want.” sound bites. red meat.

    i'm adamently pro-choice, but i could respect and even vote for a “pro-life” candidate who held to a “consistent life” program — opposed to death penalty, war, poverty along with abortion. how many dems or gopers could posit such an agenda without alienating a core constituency? our politics now amounts to single-issue one-upsmanship; so i'd rather get into the meat of an issue than buy into “the game,” which may explain why my comments might sometimes appear obtuse in regard to a given post. 🙂

    if we're going to insist on continuing this democracy nonsense, let's at least go to a parliamentary system where a consistent life party could exist alongside a socialist party, a feudalist party, a cannibalist party, and maybe even democrats and republicans. let the coalitions be built and the chips fall where they may. at least then we might get some integrity in the process.

  • I occasionally think we should move in that direction as well, but then I see how fucked up the system is in other countries like Italy or even Israel where they are constantly having no-confidence votes.

  • mvirenicus

    i'd rather live in italy based on quality of life issues. same for israel except i wouldn't live there for entirely different reasons i won't elaborate on here. anyway, how much those quality of life issues are attributable to governance i don't know, but i'd be willing to wager there is a very strong connection.

  • Italy may be a fun place to visit, but their government is a complete clusterfuck.

    Could you imagine the American equivalent of Berlusconi?

    I don’t even want to try.

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