This one ain’t goin’ away.

As a wrong-wing blogger, Jon?s post is disturbing, but understandable. Both?Plunderbund and?Ohio Daily Blog, however note this disturbing bit: Jon Keeling is a Homeland Security consultant. I have enough problems with Homeland Security in general without contemplating that someone with Jon?s attitude toward Islam could be working on the taxpayer?s dime, even as a consultant.

I?ve dropped an email to?Intrepics which has been suggested as Jon?s employer to discover if he is, in fact a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security.

Here’s Intrepics’ website.

INTREPICS is an elite government management consulting firm focused on the federal homeland security, defense, intelligence, and civilian sectors.

Here’s the thing – someone of Keeling’s belief system, as repulsive as it is, can do whatever he wants if he’s not paid by the US government department charged with protecting our country.? If Keeling is in fact a Homeland Security consultant, he is putting the country’s security at risk by playing into our enemies’ hands with a holy war narrative, publicly, for anyone to see, including our enemies.

To have someone like this on the taxpayer dime is bad enough.? To have them working specifically for Homeland Security is counterproductive to our national security.

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