If Jennifer Garrison doesn’t decide to run for reelection in the 93rd, it’s quite likely we’re going to end up with this guy taking her place.

His name is Andy Thompson. He’s a Marietta city councilman and he works as the publisher for Bird Watcher’s Digest, a company his parents started back in the late 70’s. He loves sweaters.

And in case you wondered, he’s a Christian. It’s not that I really care about his religious beliefs, but it’s really hard to miss. He mentions Christianity more times on his First Principles page than he does America or the Constitution, which is saying a lot for a guy trying to prove his conservative credentials.

Jesus, America and the Constitution. Big themes for Andy. Unfortunately, like most people who can’t stop telling you about their conservative beliefs, there aren’t a lot of actual facts to back up his talk.

One of Andy’s big “first principles” is that America is a Christian Nation founded by Christians, for Christians, and everything we have done or will do is and should be based solely on Christian principles. He even goes so far as to claim that “our unique history is nothing short of a miracle”, implying not only that our nation is Christian in its principles but also that a Christian God actually played a part in our country’s creation and development. As proof he claims “one needs only to conduct a quick internet search to confirm” his assertion.

Note to Andy: I can conduct a quick internet search on anything and submit that as proof that it exists. That doesn’t make it true. For example, “UFO’s in ohio” gets me nearly 1.5 million Google results, clear proof that Ohio has been visited by alien beings? “Sex with Unicorns”? over 4 million results. And if I type “Big Foot” into Google and hit the big search button… I get over 43 million responses! Poof! Instant proof.

Funny thing though: searching for “America is a Christian Nation” gets fewer than half the results of my “Big Foot” search – and most of the results in the top 10 are for sites providing evidence that our founding fathers had no intention of creating a Christian nation.

But hey, never let a few facts get in the way of a good story, eh Andy?

The really screwed up thing is that Andy spends so much time talking about how the US Constitution is the be-all, end-all of documents and that anything not included in the Constitution should be either forbidden or given to the states to control, but he fails entirely to notice that no where in the US Constitution does it ever mention Jesus or Christianity or even God.

And he fails entirely to make the connection between the Founders’ explicit intentions to keep religion out of government and the explicit exclusion of religious references in the US Constitution.

Kings and Queens rule their lands and subjects through God-given authority. Political leaders in a democracy serve the will of the people who elect them.

If you don’t understand this basic, defining principle of our democratic system of government – then I think it might be a pretty good idea if you just stick to running your bird magazine, Andy, leaving the governing to people who are a little more qualified.