From the daily archives: Monday, February 15, 2010

This one ain’t goin’ away.

As a wrong-wing blogger, Jon?s post is disturbing, but understandable. Both?Plunderbund and?Ohio Daily Blog, however note this disturbing bit: Jon Keeling is a Homeland Security consultant. I have enough problems with Homeland Security in general without contemplating that someone with Jon?s attitude toward Islam could be working on the taxpayer?s dime, even as a consultant.

I?ve dropped an email to?Intrepics which has been suggested as Jon?s employer to discover if he is, in fact a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security.

Here’s Intrepics’ website.

INTREPICS is an elite […]

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Jon Keeling, former John Kasich staffer, and current consultant for the Department of Homeland Security, notices all the traffic he’s getting regarding his lumping of all Muslims into a terrorist stereotype.? First, Jon Keeling backtracks.

I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that all Muslims are not terrorists.

Why yes, Jon, that’s why when you post an image implying that all Muslims are terrorists, people with brains in their heads do, in fact, notice.? Apparently, though, those people with brains in their heads do not include Jon Keeling, because Jon Keeling goes […]

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The PD’s Gomez is all over this.

According to?recently posted minutes, the public engagement committee met from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 3 at the Thompson Hine law firm in downtown Cleveland.

And of course, guess what was the major topic of discussion – doling out a contract.

Attendees discussed a pending?request for proposals (follow link to see the request) from communications consultants. Zanotti?confirmed this monththat the transition team wanted to hire someone for the job. The public engagement committee plans to score the proposals received by Thursday’s deadline.

I’m having a hard time understanding why […]

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If Jennifer Garrison doesn’t decide to run for reelection in the 93rd, it’s quite likely we’re going to end up with this guy taking her place.

His name is Andy Thompson. He’s a Marietta city councilman and he works as the publisher for Bird Watcher’s Digest, a company his parents started back in the late 70’s. He loves sweaters.

And in case you wondered, he’s a Christian. It’s not that I really care about his religious beliefs, but it’s really hard to miss. He mentions Christianity more times on his First Principles page than he does […]

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Joe Hallett, registered Republican, tries to help John Kasich’s “dirty little secret” by writing about it and declaring it no big deal.

However, Hallett and Riskind engage in a game of distraction in declaring Kasich a “success.”

The article begins with this question:

“How much of a role did Kasich actually play in balancing the federal budget in the late 1990s?”

Here’s Governor Strickland’s answer:

“It was the economy that brought us to a balanced budget, it was not the work of any individual,” Strickland said.

But Strickland also correctly points out that the task […]

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Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate, John Kasich, has a preferred mouthpiece in the Ohio blogosphere, Jon Keeling. Jon Keeling blogs as DJ Tablesauce, is a former John Kasich staffer, and is also a Homeland Security funded consultant. Keeling today posts an image labeling all Muslims as bomb-wearing terrorists, using an edited image of the “Coexist” image commonly seen on bumper stickers.

Jon Kasich and Homeland Security consultant Jon Keeling have some explaining to do.

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