A few years ago Louisiana Senator David Vitter (who is married) was outed as a frequent client of a major DC prostitution ring. And while he was paying thousands of dollars to have sex with young hotties in our nation’s capital, he was also giving speeches espousing the sacredness of the pact of marriage between a man a woman – and ONLY between a man and a woman.

Not only is David Vitter is a hypocritical, homophobic fucktard – but he is also a liar, a chronic adulterer and real, honest-to-goodness asshole.

Today I read that David Vitter is up for reelection and he is ahead 57% to 33% in the polls!

With all of the hardships the southern part of the state still faces it’s nice to see their Saints win this year. But I’m still amazed that the rest of the state continues to support sinners like David Vitter.