Getting busier all the time, which means I dip into the media political discourse less, and more briefly than before. ?Oddly, this is clarifying, particularly on the Sarah Palin narrative, and the white haired Fox News audience’s blind love of her, and all she stands for. ?I’m not the only commentator who has noticed this anti-intellectual elitism in aging conservative Republicanism.

I just happen to have grown up with these people my entire life.

When I decided to go to college and then law school, they dismissed it, and me, as “college boy”, in precisely the same tone as Sarah Palin said we need a commander in chief not a “law professor lecturing us”. ? They constantly claim to be better than every single person more educated than them, based entirely on their “common sense”, which translated means having no higher education beyond high school, and refusing to get it. ?Laughing off global warming because it’s snowing outside? ?Same thing. ?Making jokes about not being able to say the word “vote” in English? ?That’s what passed for dinner table conversation.

Chest beating about law and order? ?These are the same people who thought prison was a sensible punishment for a kid toilet papering their front lawn. ?Of course they want to torture terrorists in the face of all evidence that it doesn’t work, doesn’t provide intelligence, ruins America’s reputation, and won’t land the terrorists in prison. ?It feels better to torture them. ?Positively orgasmic.

Sarah Palin is their wet dream. ?Palin is as willfully ignorant as they are, as proud of being ignorant as they are, plus she’s on TV, and she’s just hot enough to star in masturbation fantasies for people who were last attractive enough to have sex that hot sometime in the 1960’s.

The bad news is that these people are out there, and still poisoning our political discourse with their ignorance beyond their actual numbers. ?The good news?

They’re dying off.

The better news?

The generations coming after them are dominated by those “college kids” they despised, possessing the knowledge their forebears refused to even attempt to get, despite that knowledge sitting right in front of them. ?And those new generations have so much evidence to prove beyond doubt that the previous ignorance, through Republicanism’s manifestation of that ignorance, has led America to utter disaster on every conceivable level, that?this country will finally move forward.

That is factual.

And the aging, Fox News watching, Sarah Palin orgasmic demographic that ignores the factual shrinks every, single, day. ?They sure make a lot of noise as they go.

The most precise measure of their dwindling influence is made in presidential elections, the most recent of which elected Barack Hussein Obama president of the United States of America, over their hysterical, paranoid, delusional objection.

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