From the daily archives: Friday, February 12, 2010

This kid is a natural.

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Latest issue of the Independent is about to hit the streets, here are more pieces from this edition – I have a blurb on the District 3 county council race’s conflict of interest extravaganza, and one on the Lancer event with Jennifer Brunner. ?James has a piece on Bill Mason covering up his texting habits (could use a lawyer!), and one on Bill O’Neill’s run against Steve Latourette.

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Getting busier all the time, which means I dip into the media political discourse less, and more briefly than before. ?Oddly, this is clarifying, particularly on the Sarah Palin narrative, and the white haired Fox News audience’s blind love of her, and all she stands for. ?I’m not the only commentator who has noticed this anti-intellectual elitism in aging conservative Republicanism.

I just happen to have grown up with these people my entire life.

When I decided to go to college and then law school, they dismissed it, and me, as “college boy”, in precisely the same tone as Sarah […]

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