Hard to argue with this.

Finally, the FBI needs to tie up their loose ends. If they can indict more officials on lesser charges of bribery or fraud or illegally reading emails of court officials, for example, just throwing that one out there, then those indictments should come with the others. Get it all out. With Issue 6, the goal at this point should just be to get them out of office so we can start fresh with a new slate of elected officials in the Fall.

That?s our timetable. Respect it.

We don?t want to hear about deals. We don?t want other bad guys to stay free because you?re waiting for some bigger charge down the road.

Times up. We call.

Let?s see your cards.

The urgency has increased in the last few days. ?This transition process, by explicitly ignoring public meeting rules under Ohio sunshine laws, has jeopardized the legitimacy of everything any new executive will do in reliance on that process. ?If this is a result of the FBI and DOJ taking their time, well, they’d better have a good reason to slow walk this investigation.

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