It hard not to publicly mock the poorly expressed ‘irrational exuberance’ small-town Ohio newspapers have for Republican candidates.

The Marion Star, for example, consistently comes across as Fox News meets Highlights magazine i.e. Conservative propaganda meets 4th grade reading class.

So it’s no surprise they ran with this elementary-school-reading-level headline:

Kasich supporters turn out for event

Doesn’t that just say it all?

The article opens with this beautifully insightful and politically mind-blowing sentence:

“Local supporters of John Kasich for governor turned out Thursday night at Buffalo Wild Wings…”

Mmmm… 12 mild wings, an order of chips (no cheese!), a side of medium sauce, a couple of Bud Lights… oh, and John Kasich talking shop on some campaign staffer’s laptop.

Step aside Ken Blackwell.

The Ohio GOP has itself a new new-media ninja.

  • OSUM Loves Chicken

    It is amazing how people attending a gathering at a BW3 can be such a humorous scene. Is BW3 the hub of activity of this small city? Apparently !!

    In reality, these everyday people aren't the big enemy, but John Matthews II, the slob in charge of the Marion County Republican Party is total scum.

    Now, enjoy watching the Marion Lowe's Hardware thugs cram countless BW3 wings into their faces to defeat Wayne Rowe and his OSU Marion chickens.

    Before the Hot Wing Eat Off, Wayne Rowe says his strategy is to,
    “eat as fast as I can until like people are getting sick from watching me eat”
    ROTFL – real, real classy

    Wayne Rowe, Communications and Marketing Manager at the Ohio State University Marion Campus, co-producer of above Hot Wings Eat Off video.

    “what can you say its marion ohio not LA”

  • I love BW3 actually. I've been eating the same thing since the early 90s – back before they were a huge chain with 100 TVs in each restaurant and they still had ten cent wing night.

    But if BW3 is the hip spot in town you'd think they could have pulled a bigger crowd in a county of sixty seven thousand.

    That Rebuild the Party site is HORRIBLE! It hurts my eyes to read it.

  • mvirenicus

    As I've said a million times before, the minute I find a restaurant with human being on the menu I'll become a meat eater again. I've too much respect for non-human animals to eat them. Let me know when BW3 starts roasting those republicans — literally.

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