From the daily archives: Thursday, February 11, 2010

It hard not to publicly mock the poorly expressed ‘irrational exuberance’ small-town Ohio newspapers have for Republican candidates.

The Marion Star, for example, consistently comes across as Fox News meets Highlights magazine i.e. Conservative propaganda meets 4th grade reading class.

So it’s no surprise they ran with this elementary-school-reading-level headline:

Kasich supporters turn out for event

Doesn’t that just say it all?

The article opens with this beautifully insightful and politically mind-blowing sentence:

“Local supporters of John Kasich for governor turned out Thursday night at Buffalo Wild Wings…”

Mmmm… 12 mild wings, an order of […]

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Gomez quotes the head of the public engagement committee, which has been meeting in PRIVATE, who himself runs a company in MEDINA COUNTY.

Though the public was not invited to two meetings McShepard said his panel held before Thursday, he said members always favored openness.

What took so long to communicate that to McCafferty and Zanotti?

“I think it was a matter of it being so early in the process that we hadn’t been able to have that discussion,” McShepard said. “It was just a matter of getting our ducks in a row.”

Sadly, no. ?Not according to what […]

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Hard to argue with this.

Finally, the FBI needs to tie up their loose ends. If they can indict more officials on lesser charges of bribery or fraud or illegally reading emails of court officials, for example, just throwing that one out there, then those indictments should come with the others. Get it all out. With Issue 6, the goal at this point should just be to get them out of office so we can start fresh with a new slate of elected officials in the Fall.

That?s our timetable. Respect it.

We don?t want to hear about deals. […]

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Julie Carr Smyth’s latest article is short and sweet. No fluff. No random interviews with angry citizens. Just 111 words in 4 short paragraphs revealing two interesting facts:

1. State Senator Tim Grendell has spent the past few weeks whining and moaning about the cost of Recovery Act signs at project work sites in Ohio. He even went so far as to propose a bill banning the signs.

2. It turns out Tim Grendell has personally co-sponsored at least 74 bills that authorize memorial highway and bridge naming signs around the state payed for with taxpayer dollars.

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This is how dictators act.

“Honestly, I don’t think it did” make a difference, he said of the ACLU’s threat of a lawsuit if officials did not open all meetings to the public. “They may have jumped the gun a bit.”

The PD’s Henry Gomez, who has been all over this since the laughable WCPN appearance which started it, notes yet another perfection of irony.

But feedback from the transition group’s public engagement committee, which has been meeting in private, ultimately convinced leaders to open the meetings, Zanotti said.

Who is Martin Zanotti, unelected by anyone, to decide how, […]

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After the disastrous WCPN appearance of unelected co-czars of Cuyahoga County, Martin Zanotti and Jim McCafferty on Tuesday, Ken Lanci jumped into the fray. ?Lanci claims to be an independent candidate for Cuyahoga County executive, but gave $10,000 to McCain-Palin in the last week of the 2008 election, which makes him a Republican. ?Lanci demanded to be included in the transition process.

“It is a waste of time and resouces to develop a plan that has had no input from the candidates.?In order for the recommendation of the executive committee’s plan to have any chance, there needs to be […]

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