The ambiguity is enough for the ACLU to seek clarifications from a judge if transition leaders do not voluntarily open up, said Link, who added that a lawsuit is possible. She warned that legal action would bring the transition process to a halt.

“It will take forever,” Link said. “We hope public officials get on the right track and further action won’t be necessary.”

There is plenty in this new charter that can be litigated and challenged in court. ?Plenty. ?As a candidate for the new county council, I would support any lawsuit or other effort that either opens up the transition process entirely, or halts it until the new government is elected by the voters, and can exercise legitimate, elected, oversight.

Because right now, the only elected officials with jurisdiction over this county’s government are either lame duck, or under federal investigation. ?In fact, they’re a very special kind of lame duck – their positions won’t even exist after this year. ?This outgoing government’s unelected appointees should not be deciding, or recommending under the auspices of this outgoing government, anything.