From the daily archives: Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin’s last visit to Ohio for a book signing turned out to be a great video opportunity for Tim and Eric in front of the Dublin Border’s book store.

I expect nothing less from Palin’s next visit on March 5th.

According to the website for the event: “Purchasing a ticket (for $40) guarantees you a comfortable seat and a great view of Sarah Palin as she shares her experiences related to the Pro Life Movement. Refreshments will be available for purchase prior to the event.”

Mmmm…. refreshments for purchase. And a comfortable seat.

That really beats sleeping […]

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John Murtha passes away

On February 8, 2010 By

Congressman John P. Murtha (PA-12) passed away peacefully this afternoon at 1:18 p.m. at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. He was 77.

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Again, apparently completely unaware of the concept of irony, Sarah Palin gives a speech in which she criticizes President Obama for using a teleprompter and reads crib notes off her hand! LOL



Sarah Palin is a blogging gift that keeps on giving. I can’t wait to get to interview more supporters. My guess is the next craze will be to get Sarah to sign the palms of supporter’s hands. They, like her, are completely and totally unaware in general.

PS: My other choice for headline was “Sarah Palin gives Nashville a handjob”

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Top of the rec list. ?It’s happening, just as I said it would back in July.

At some point, the dollar signs which Lee incessantly throws in everyone?s face will start to dwindle. ?Lee came out with a bang, and in the next quarter, his numbers dropped. ?Next quarter, they?ll drop some more. ?And then the next. ?By the end of 2009, Lee will be on a precipitous glide path. ?The proverbial wad has been shot.

Brunner, however, because of her performance in 2008, has a message that has already taken hold in the national blogosphere. ?She is […]

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I plan to blog throughout my run for Cuyahoga County Council District 7. ?Of course, the regularity will be spotty, but I find that blogging clears a lot of cobwebs out of my head, and that value increases as I get further into being an actual candidate. ?I also plan to be totally transparent during this campaign, and blogging will be a part of that.

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